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Company Profile

Company name Shinken Industry Co., Ltd
Representative Representative Director  Motoshi Inoue
Address Head office/factory
18-29, sendai 1-chome, aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi


Kanto Office
Saitama Prefecture Niiza-shi Hatanaka 16-16 43 No.5 Kiuchi House 205

Sagara Factory
255-3 Shirai, Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture

Establish July 1980
Permission / Registration ● General construction industry Shizuoka governor permission (general-25) 25150
(Civil engineering work, Building work, Scaffold work, Landscaping work, Pipe work, Steel structure work)


● Second-class architect office registration Shizuoka Prefecture Governor Registration (6) No. 6019

Holding Qualifications Architect / Civil Construction Manager / Construction Manager / Pipe Construction Manager / Landscaping Manager / Earthquake Damaged Building Emergency Risk Judge / Welfare Housing Environment Coordinator / Color Coordinator, Park Facility Product Safety Manager, Park Facility Product Mechanic, Environmental Regenerative Doctor, Biotope Advisor, Dog Trimmer, etc.
Business description ● Design, manufacture, and sales of parks, streets, tourism and leisure facilities


● Development, design, production and sales of disaster prevention, health and welfare, environment, biotope related facilities

● Development, design, manufacture and sale of horticultural therapy-related products using raised beds

● Development, design, manufacturing and sales of universal design and gardening products

● Develop, design, manufacture, and sell dog-run and pet symbiosis facilities

● Service management and management consulting business in the pet business

Major trading partners AEON PET Co., Ltd., AEON MALL Co., Ltd., Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd., Central Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., East Japan Expressway Co., Ltd., Space Co., Ltd., Semba Ace Co., Ltd., Nikko Exterior Co., Ltd., Echo Trading Co., Ltd., Lovely Pet Trading Co., Ltd. ・ PanaHome Co., Ltd. ・ Sumitomo Forestry Greening Co., Ltd. ・ Iwa Corporation Co., Ltd. ・ Ayahadio Co., Ltd. ・ Barrow Co., Ltd. ・ Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. ・ Sanza Co., Ltd.
Main affiliated organizations ● Japan Park Facility Association
SP display certified company 116-50108


SPL indication certified company No. 216-50108

● Japan Toilet Research Institute
● NPO Japan Biotope Association

● NPO Japan Horticultural Therapy Workshop

Product liability insurance

Product liability insurance is set for all products.



Shinken Industry Co., Ltd. has acquired ISO9001 certification.
<Registration range>
Design, construction, inspection and repair of park structures and civil engineering structures


■public transportation bus(shizutetsubus)About 12 minutes from Shizuoka Station. 10 minute walk from Yamazaki Station
■by car About 15 minutes from Shin-Tomei Shin-Shizuoka Interchange, about 2 minutes off Shizuyo Bypass sendai Interchange. About 17 minutes from Tomei Shizuoka Interchange