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 Playground equipment

Agility tools

Various sizes of doggy obstacle competition and agility equipment

Toy Agility

Indoor agility playing equipment made of EVA resin that is lightweight, flexible and elastic.


Dog run playground equipment that even the first dog can enjoy easily


Dog shower and drinking water

Wash the dog cleanly. It is an important facility for hygiene.

Dog Toilet

Before entering the dog run… keep it clean and eliminate odor problems.

Poop Box

Labor-saving operation and maintenance of hygienic facilities can be achieved.

Rest facility

Create a gathering place for dogs and people including owners.


It is necessary equipment to cover the whole area and prevent the dog from escaping outside.

Ground material

In consideration of odor and maintenance, we have the roadbed suitable for the dog run.

 Lead hook

Wall lead hook

There are plenty of designable lead hooks.

Lead hook pole

We will create an original signature from one to your request.