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Dog shower

This is an important facility for hygiene as it cleans dogs after playing in dog runs. The design is abundant, and the customer can choose the product that suits their needs, such as parks, animal hospitals, and shopping malls.

Dog Shower Combi < Design Tile Type >

Tile type with convenient foot shower

Dog Shower Combi< Brick Type >

Brick type with convenient foot shower

Shower place < Square Type>

Brick piled face, large water catch

Shower Place < Revwood type>

Excellent weather resistance, keeps the gentle texture and warmth of wood

Shower place < Retro brick >

The texture of French taste with a warmth feeling is popular

Shower place pan < Brick type>

Playful design with cute dog footprints

Shower place pan < FRP type >

Simple design to fit any place

Shower place pan < Pet bath>

Easy to wash without worrying about water splash ♪

Shower place pan < Trace type>

An accent with cute dog footprints

Dog-only water drink

There are two types, a combination of a dog's own drinking water and a hand wash that can be used by the owner. The dog's exclusive drinking water is designed to be drained naturally and is hygienic and easy to manage. The height is also designed to make the dog easy to drink.

Dog-only water drink < pseudo wood type >

A dog - specific water drink with the image of a stump

Dog-only drink water < mosaic tile type >

Cute mosaic tile water drink