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modern series

A lead hook that combines functionality and design. Easy to handle with one hand.

Bone A Color

Use the lead hook to accent your room or entrance

Run dog

Lead hook top selling No.1!

Bone A

Simplest type designed with dog's favorite bone


The dog's face becomes the lead hook as it is!


Simple type emphasizing functionality

Ring sit

Dog sitting silhouette

Ring face

Cool dog profile design

Bone B

Rounded bone type lead hook

Circle photo

Put a picture of your dog on your own hook!

Pop sit color A

Produces bright and vibrant colors that burst out ♪

Pop sit color B

Produces bright and vibrant colors that burst out ♪

Bone A Light

Low cost type with bone design

holder series

Lock the lead string securely. No.1 holder style with a sense of security. The metal part of the lead hook is a hook like an eggplant ring.

Sit L

Lead hook top selling No.2!

Sit S

Dog silhouette sitting rear view hook

Sitting L

Dog sitting silhouette

Sitting S

Dog sitting silhouette.

Pop sit A

A cute figure brightens the entrance and shop ♪

Pop sit B

A cute figure brightens the entrance and shop ♪

Side face L

Dog profile design type

Side face S

Dog profile design type

Bone S

Dog's favorite bone silhouette

Stay S

Hook of a dog waiting

Classic series

A dignified and quaint Roth Iron lead hook. This is a lead hook series that combines functionality as a lead hook and the design of a funnel iron. The traditional technique of breathing craftsmanship shows the unique expression of this material.


Elegant lead hook with emblem design

Iron Bone

Simple iron type designed with dog's favorite bone

Leaf Photo

Put your favorite photo and shop logo as a nameplate!

Square Photo

Put your favorite photo and shop logo as a nameplate!

Dog type series

A dog type lead hook. The metal part of the lead hook is a hook that automatically closes the opening and closing part with a spring, just like the holder series, and makes it difficult for the hooked item to come off.

Shiba Inu

Active and brave Shiba Inu silhouette S size

Poodle / Toy Poodle

No.1 popular dog Poodle / Toy Poodle

Dachshund/Miniature Dachshund

Dachshund S size with lovely long body and short legs

Chihuahua _smooth

Small and adorable Chihuahua Smooth coat type

Chihuahua _long

Small and lovely Chihuahua Long coat type

French Bulldog

French bulldog with bat ears on square head

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Strong corgi with strong body and short legs

Miniature Schnauzer /Standard Schnauzer

Schnauzer with dignified mustache

Jack Russell Terrier

Energetic even if small! Jack Russell Terrier


Beagle with big hanging ears charm point


Pug with a charming nose face

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher is a small dog but has a personality


Papillon boasts a standing ear like a butterfly

Italian Greyhound

Italian greyhound silhouette with slender long limbs

Border Collie

Proportionate and supple body silhouette

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever with a thick bone and solid body

Golden Retriever

Long haired golden retriever silhouette lead hook with muscular body. sizeL 

A phenolic resin-friendly, indoor-facing, plate-type lead hook.

Anchor plate

With dog pictogram

Funny Face

Blunt eyes and sitting poses are lovely

Bone plate

Simple bone design

A three-dimensional and smooth lead hook unique to casting. There is a sense of luxury, accents in rooms and stores.


The footprint of a dog with a three-dimensional form