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Outdoor permanent playground equipment

It is an original design dog run playground equipment that even the first dog can enjoy easily, safely and safely with a sense of play and owners who can release stress.

Stump slide<Rc type>

Stump design with impact

Stump tunnel<Rc type>

Realistic log design with presence

Mushroom slalom

Topics up with colorful mushrooms

Grass hurdle

A bushy hurdle that matches the grass of the dog run

Print hurdle

Illustrated hurdles to create fun

Balance beam

Can be combined according to the size of the dog run!

Log seesaw

Warm wooden seesaw

Log balance beam

Wooden balance beam with warm taste

Photography board

For a little memory of travel or events ..

Soccer goal 

Various ways of playing! Dog run soccer goal!

Stationary play equipment

Very soft and lightweight. Lightweight for easy movement and installation. Suitable for periodical use such as events. It is a cute design that is easy to use for events such as dog runs. It can be installed outdoors for short periods.

Stump slide<Soft type>

Ideal for dog run events!

Stump tunnel<Soft type>

Lightweight and perfect for events!