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TB Series

Agility is an obstacle competition where dogs and their owners play together. With excellent durability and maintainability that can be permanently installed outdoors combining a steel frame and rubber chip sheet. A rubber chip sheet is laid on the elevating surface to provide grip and cushioning, making it easy on the feet of the dog.

Aramp ・ TB

The frame can be divided, and assembly and transportation are easy.

Walk ・ TB

Large balance beam with steel frame

Tunnel ・ TB

There is a punching hole on the side and it is not too dark, so the dog is safe ♪

Seesaw ・ TB

The movable part is made of seesaw metal used for humans and realizes high durability even outdoors

Table ・ TB

The height can be set in two stages so that various dogs can go up on the table.

Hurdle ・ TB

Height can be adjusted in 10cm increments! You can challenge without difficulty according to your dog.

Play series

The agility for competition has been designed as a playground equipment that can be used by more dogs by improving durability and weather resistance and improving design so that it can be used safely outdoors. The touch surface has a non-slip coating for safety.

A Ramp ・ Play

Outstanding presence! Also noticeable in dog runs.

Walk ・ Play

Increase the presence with a large balance beam

Tunnel play

One point is a bone-shaped viewing window!

Slalom ・ Play

Zigzag between the poles on the right and left!

Seesaw ・ Play

Thrilling! Playing equipment with movement

Table ・ Play

It is for "sit down" or "downset".

Hurdle ・ Play

Height can be adjusted in 9 levels! Any dog can challenge.

Wall Jump ・ Play

The real thrill of a dog run that jumps dynamically!

Jump - through play

Concentrate and jump dynamically!

How to play sign

The owner is interests in agility and the dog enjoy it safely

Rubber mat . Rubber chip coating

Safe and friendly to dog's feet

Standard series 

Manufactured according to FCI (International Federation of the Blind Dogs) competition standards that can be used in official competitions. Built to withstand the speed and impact of dogs, it is a full-fledged school for competitions and training centers. Small dogs to large dogs available for all breeds.

A Ramp ・ Standard

Outstanding presence! It is also noticeable in dog runs.

Dog walk ・ Standard

Increase the presence with a large balance beam

Seesaw ・ Standard

A thrilling seesaw!

Table ・ Standard

It is an obstacle to stop after jumping

Long jump ・ Standard

The real pleasure of a dog run where dogs jump dynamically!

Brick block ・ Standard

The dog jumps dynamically on the brick wall!

Tire jump ・ Standard

The dog jumps in the wheel of the tire

Hurdle ・ Standard

If installed continuously, it will stand out even in dog runs

Slalom ・ Standard

Right to left! It is a competition that runs between the poles

Pipe tunnel ・ Standard

Straight and curved tunnels can be made.

Flat tunnel ・ Standard

Go through the part wrapped in cloth

Mini Series indoor

Miniature size agility playground equipment for indoor use. (Toy Poodle, Chihuahua, Mini Pin, Pomeranian, etc.) It is a size for small dogs and can be enjoyed in small places such as rooms.

Mini ・ A ramp

Four levels of height adjustment possible

Mini ・ Dogwalk

Dog walk for small dogs

Mini ・ Seesaw

Even if it is small, it is a thrilling seesaw!

Mini ・ Table

Cute size that can be used as a photo shoot!

Mini ・ Long jump

Jump between color poles!

Mini ・ Brick block

Agility to jump brick blocks

Mini ・ Tire jump

Jump dynamically even indoors!

Mini ・ Hurdle

The dog can play even if it is small!

Mini ・ Slalom

Easy installation and compact storage

Mini ・ Pipe tunnel

The dog can play in tunnels of various angles!