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A fence that can “combine” columns and panels. The fence has originality according to the scenery of the place where it is installed. We respond to requests such as "I want to create an original fence that matches the atmosphere of a dog run instead of a general mesh fence."

Wood Combination Fence

Combination of natural materials and mesh panels

Wood combination fence + Kasagi

Add a Kasagi to improve design!

Wood Fence 

Natural wood fence that matches natural scenery

Wreck combination fence

It is a fence with excellent durability while having the texture of natural wood

Wreck combination fence+Kasagi

By attaching a Kasagi, it also becomes a viewing space for dog runs such as armrests

Color combination fence

Change the color of the support, mesh panel, etc. to a colorful dog run ♪

Urban fence

Stylish city fence that matches the atmosphere of the city


Fencing the entire dog run can keep the area safe. It is important for dog runs to have double doors to prevent dogs inside from escaping when entering or leaving.

Mesh fence < Round type>

Temporary placement of panels is possible and construction is easy

Mesh fence < R type>

Designed to be gentle and human-friendly in a form mainly based on curves

White low fence

White low fence that shines in a dog run


Utilization policy sign

Prevent accidents and troubles in dog runs

Dog’s playground indication sign

You can see that there is a dog run even from a distance