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The lead hook pole adopts an elliptical shape and enhances the display function as a sign. The installation method can be selected from three types: a stationary type that can be moved, an anchor type, and an embedded type.

Oval < Normal type > Stationary

Simple type that can be moved

Oval < original type > Stationary type

Oval < original type> Stationary type

woody ​

It is a wooden leed hook pole using eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus is an Australian wood that is famous for koalas and does not rot or attract insects such as mosquitoes and has an antibacterial effect.

Woody A

Rohto iron hook emphasizing functionality

Woody B

Simple and easy to use funnel iron hook

Woody C

Various usage wrought iron hooks

Woody D

Stainless steel hook without corrosion

original design

It is a lead hook pole designed for various situations such as shopping malls, apartments and hotels. We propose lead hook poles designed to suit your personality.

Design A

Presence of two-tone color white / black

Design B

Presence of two-tone color orange / black


Modern design with embedded lights


Dignity and tasteful wrought iron type


One point is rounded giboshi (ornamental cap)


Simple but unique lead hook pole


Solid brick type


Wood type that makes you feel warm