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Wood chips 

Excellent deodorizing effect and gentle on dog's feet

Wood chips absorb and decompose the stench of dogs' urine and moisture. In summer, the surface temperature is hard to rise, and in winter, there is a moisturizing and warming effect that prevents frost. Wood chips have a higher initial cost than lawn, but the management effort and cost can be significantly reduced compared to lawn.


The wood chips used are wood chips processed to a certain standard size to be suitable for dog runs. It is not a “crusher chip” containing slender wood chips or pointed wood chips, so we use wood chips that can be used safely in dog runs.


Popular Type

Cypress, cedar, cherry tree, eucalyptus etc・・・

Characteristics and effects

  • ・Deodorant: absorbs and deodorizes odors caused by urine and moisture
  • ・Eradication of bacteria: Elimination of urine in the garden
  • ・Insect repellent: keeps away mites and fleas
  • ・Anti-mold: suppresses mold growth and removes mold odor   

・Healing: Relax with the fresh cypress scent

* Please contact us for the delivery date because it is a made-to-order product.