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Oval < Normal type > Stationary LFP-DG01

Simple type that can be moved

By designing the entire elliptical pole as a sign, the advertising function or design can be enhanced to fit the store facade. In addition, the dog's range of action can be narrowed by using a two-stage lead, and it can be used more safely. Color can be chosen from six colors.
It is a type with concrete weight.
Ideal for events, periodical use, or where you want to place your location at any time.
Note: Dogs weighing less than 20 kg can be used.

* Color can be chosen from above 6 colors.



Steel Baking finish plating


Stainless steel


Concrete (paint finish)


Print sheet wrapping

* You can select the type of hook.

* Please contact us for the delivery date because it is made to order.