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Shower Place < Revwood type> 

Excellent weather resistance, keeps the gentle texture and warmth of wood

Earth - friendly wood recycled from waste wood and waste plastic. It has excellent weather resistance and keeps the gentle texture and warmth of wood forever. By combining with pan , it becomes a dog shower for dogs that suits your taste.
<When using as mixed water washing>
When connecting to a water heater and using it as a mixing faucet, use one for hot water and one for hot water.
<When using only water>
If you use cold water without connecting a water heater, please select one or two for water supply. The color of the faucet pillar can be selected from orange, light brown and dark brown.


Faucet pillar

Artificial wood (55% wood flour + 45% polypropylene)

Faucet equipment


Shower head

Made of resin

* Please contact us for the delivery date because it is a made-to-order product.