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Shower place < Retro brick > 

The texture of French taste with a warmth feeling is popular

"Retro Brick '' is a popular French texture with warmth Reproduce the texture finished with plastering iron seen on the diatomaceous earth painted wall. The combination of natural irregularities and sparsely colored bricks creates a French antique world.
< When using as mixed water washing >
When connecting to a water heater and using it as a mixing faucet, use one for hot water and one for hot water.
< When using only water >
If you use cold water without connecting a water heater, please select one or two for water supply. You can choose the color of the brick tile from pepper gray or marron beige.



GRC Diatomaceous earth finish

Faucet equipmen

Bronze,Chrome plated

Shower head

Made of resin

* Please contact us for the delivery date because it is a made-to-order product.