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Wreck combination fence+Kasagi AK-9299

By attaching a Kasagi, it also becomes a viewing space for dog runs such as armrests

The strut is an aluminum core material covered with artificial regenerated wood, and it is a fence with excellent durability while feeling the texture of natural wood. By selecting the color of the mesh panel that matches the pillars, you can create a natural atmosphere that matches the scenery of the dog run. Attaching a Kasagi improves the design and provides a space for viewing a dog run, such as a little armrest.

*Sign is optional
・Gate < Mesh : Mild brown+Blue>
< Mesh: Dark brown>
・Gate< Mesh: Dark brown>
Prop color can be selected from 3 colors
Aluminum core material is coated with artificial recycled wood
Mesh panel can also choose color



Aluminum core  Artificial recycled wood coating


High tension wire: zinc plating + high weather resistant resin powder coating

* Please contact us for the delivery date because it is a made-to-order product.