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Wreck combination fence AK-9298

It is a fence with excellent durability while having the texture of natural wood

The strut is an aluminum core material covered with artificial regenerated wood, and it is a fence with excellent durability while feeling the texture of natural wood. By selecting the color of the mesh panel that matches the pillars, you can create a natural atmosphere that matches the scenery of the dog run.

*Sign is optional
・Gate< Mesh : Mild Brown+Blue>
< Mesh: Dark Brown>
・Gate < Mesh: Dark Brown>
Prop color can be selected from 3 colors
Aluminum core material is coated with artificial recycled wood
Mesh panel can also choose color Wire mesh (high tension wire) copper wire



Aluminum core Artificial recycled wood coating


High tension wire: zinc plating + high weather resistant resin powder coating

* Please contact us for the delivery date because it is a made-to-order product.