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Heat-insulating rubber chip pavement  

It has a heat shielding effect, is less slippery and has elasticity unique to rubber

Compared to conventional rubber chips, it has a heat shield of about 10 ° C (effect of suppressing temperature rise), making it easier on dogs' balls during midsummer. In addition, due to the elasticity inherent in rubber that is hard to slip, the impact on the foot during walking of the dog is reduced and you can walk comfortably. Because of the chip molding, it has an appropriate gap, making it difficult for water to collect on the surface.

Irradiate a heat lamp type product with a beam lamp to compare and verify the surface temperature
It has been confirmed that it has about 10 ° C heat insulation (temperature rise suppression effect) compared to conventional rubber chips.




* Please contact us for the delivery date because it is a made-to-order product.