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[Event] “2012 Dog Run Festival IN Makinohara” Dog Run Event

We participated in a dog run event "2012 Dog Run Festival IN Makinohara" held at Makinohara SA (up line) on October 8, 2012 (holiday, Monday).


This event is hosted by NEXCO Central Japan, co-organized by Renaissance Pet Academy, and this is the second event that has been held since last year produced by our company


The purpose is to let customers know about Makinohara SA (upbound) dog runs widely, and express gratitude to customers who use Makinohara SA dog runs on a daily basis.

At the reception tent booth, students from the largest pet school in Shizuoka Prefecture-Renaissance Pet Academy, dog care, dog health check by animal nurses, dog healing massage, dog healing I made a poodle with a portrait corner and balloon art of the owner properly and got excited!
In the dog run, a dog sports experience class was held, and a flying disc experience and a hurdle and slalom experience course for the dogs were set up. By all means, please use Makinohara Service Area <Up Line> Dog Run when you use Tomei Expressway ☆