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Dio World Yokkaichi ARK Animal Hospital

Installed flushing pee pole, poop box, lead hook pole in arc animal hospital of Dio world Yokkaichi in Yokkaichi-shi, Mie.



About ARK Animal Hospital

A large hardware store run by Ayahadio
Delivered to ARK Animal Hospital on the 2nd floor of “Dio World”.
It is a wonderful owner who considers the position of the patient because it is set up for those who come to the hospital in front of the veterinary hospital.


Flushed pee pole

Pee pole with clean flush function at any time. The illustration of Paul is an original product received from the customer! After the dog pee, press the button on the pole to flush the water. Because it is washed with water, it is clean without the smell of the dog’s pee.


Poop box < Post type >

This big beagle’s signature is also an original product from the customer! Original Version ♪ ~
The upper box contains a plastic bag, and the lower box is a pole-integrated pouch box that can throw away the plastic bag containing the poop. This time, it is stationary, so it can be mov




Lead hook pole < Wrapping type >

Lead hook pole for connecting dogs. Designed using the illustration of a beagle on a pouch box and a flush pee pole. The only one original in the world is also attached!


ARK Animal Hospital is in collaboration with Takahashi Animal Hospital Group’s Yokkaichi Branch in Shijonawate, Osaka.
I have. If you are looking for a veterinary hospital in your neighborhood, please use this.
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