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Dog cafe “and Wanko”

We have installed a lead hook in the store of "and Wanko", the first dog cafe in Hannan City, Osaka Prefecture.


About Dog cafe “and Wanko”

The first dog cafe “and Wanko” opened in Hannan City, Osaka Prefecture on April 30, 2014.
In addition to the cafe, merchandise purchase and trimming esthetics are available.
Small dogs to large dogs are also available



Modern Series Lead Hook < Bone A Light >

This is a bone A light in the shape of a hone. Bone A lead hook thickness is thinner.
This is for all breeds, so you can use it with confidence.

Square type    R type


Dog type holder series lead hook
<○ Schnauzer square type ○ Chihuahua・Smooth square type ○ Poodle square type>

This lead hook is a dog type holder type hook. From the upper left, it is a Schnauzer / Chihuahua smooth type poodle. This is a lead hook for small and medium sized dogs.
For small and medium sized dogs, the hook type can be selected from R type and square type, so you can use it according to the atmosphere and convenience.


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