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Pet Care Complex 4 & 2 (For & Two) Lead Hook

We delivered a lead hook to 4 & 2 (Four and Two), a general pet facility located near Kyodo Station on the Odakyu Line in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.



About 4 & 2(Four and Two)

4 & 2(Four and Two) is a pet care complex that offers a variety of services for pets, including beauty, medical care, food and lodging. Go out with your pet, dress up with your pet, enjoy everyday with your pet. It is a shop for pets that can do all of them. The location is about a 3-minute walk from the north exit of Kyodo Station on the Odakyu Line.


4 & 2 original lead hook (in front of the store)

All lead hook designs are 4 & 2 (for & 2) original lead hooks manufactured according to customer requirements.


4 & 2 original lead hook (in store)

These 4 & 2 original lead hooks are made of brass casting, and are colored with a brass antique finish, then orbital and blasted, and they are a special lead hook that feels heavy in antique texture.
In the center of the hook is one point with a 4 & 2 logo. A lead hook was installed in front of the store counter. If you have a lead hook when your money is full, such as at checkout, it will be a kind facility for customers.


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