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Izu Gateway Kannami Dog Run

"River station" Izu Gateway Kannami opened on Saturday, April 27, 2019, and a portable fence and sign were installed on the dog run at this river station. Also, at the request of the Kannami Town Office, we used a drone to take an aerial photograph of the entire facility at Izu Gateway Kannami.
The video is uploaded at YOU TUBE below. Please have a look.

About Izu Gateway Kannami

This Izu Gateway Kannami has a roadside station and a riverside station across National Route 136, and is maintained as a facility that plays the role of gateway and disaster prevention for sightseeing in the Izu Peninsula.
A roadside station opened in May 2017, and a riverside station opened in April 2019.
Events were also held during Golden Week, and many people came.


Portable fence

The dog run at this river station is very close to the Kano River, so it is portable so that the fence can be removed when the Kano River rises.
The pillars can be removed and the fences are also netted, so they can be safely removed even when the river suddenly rises.


Usage rule sign < Dog run・River station water playground >

A usage rule sign has been installed in front of the dog run entrance. This facility is necessary for safe and enjoyable use of dog runs.
In addition, there is a water playground at this riverside station, and we have set up a regulation sign for its use.



Area sign

This dog run is divided into two areas, a free area and a small dog area, and an area sign is installed on the entrance fence.





It is a video introducing the facilities of Izu Gateway Kannan. Please take a look.

Izu Gateway Kannami Facility introduction


Izu Gateway Kannami Facility introduction


360 ° VR shooting

You can see 360 ° by dragging with the mouse ↓↓


By aerial photographing the facility from above, it is easy to understand the arrangement of the entire facility, and it can be used as an introduction video for the facility.
Please feel free to contact us for other services using drones.

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