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Osaka Prefecture Shijonawate City Takahashi Animal Hospital

Along with the renovation of Takahashi Animal Hospital in Shijonawate City, Osaka Prefecture, a number of DOG-LABO products were installed in newly set corners for patients.



In this renewal, it seems that the roof was newly installed so that patients using the hospital can get in and out of the car without getting wet with rain. I thought it was kind of gentle from the patient’s point of view. In addition, on the opposite side of the entrance, a rest area for patients has been set up. It is wonderful\ (^ o ^) /


Dog toilet < Washing pee pole type >
A flush-type dog toilet that can be used by both large and small dogs has been set up. After the pee, press the push button and the water will flow automatically. Hygiene is perfect.

Lead hook pole < Takahashi Animal Hospital original wrapping sheet >

Two lead hook poles have been set up to connect the dogs with peace of mind.


Dog-only water drink < Fake stone type >

A water tap with three taps that can be used by both the owner and the dog. The faucet for the doggy also has a dish so that you can always drink water in a clean state


Poop box < Post type > original signature version

A poop box that can throw away doggy poops. Even if you poop in the parking lot during waiting or after medical treatment, it is safe because the manner bags, scoops, tongs etc are installed ♪


“Takahashi Animal Hospital,” which has a lot of facilities to treat patients and dogs, is very kind to the hospital staff, including the director of the hospital.

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