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New Tomei Expressway NEOPASA Shizuoka Dog Run

Shinken Industrial Co., Ltd. DOG-LABO provided consulting, construction and product delivery for the new Tomei Expressway "NEOPASA Shizuoka" dog run.


About New Tomei Expressway

New-Tomei Expressway commercial facilities will be destinations where each area will have concepts and features that consider regional characteristics, and customers will be able to select the required services from the entire route according to their needs and scene. It is area creation.



NEOPASA Shizuoka [Heartful Oasis]

Located in the center of Shizuoka Prefecture, you can enjoy specialties and specialties from all over the prefecture. This is an eco-model area that incorporates the introduction of “ground-heat-based air conditioning”.


Down line

A dog run of 391㎡ has been added to the free space and small dog area!


There is a trash can for pets, a foot wash area, a toilet for pets, and a sanitary facility for dogs. In addition, EXPASA Shizuoka is a sightseeing spot, so there are signboards that are often seen, so you can take photos with your owner and friends. Foot wash area × 1, trash can for pets × 1, toilet for pets × 1, signboards, soccer goals, dog run signs, etc. A quiet and calm dog run surrounded by mountains around.


Dog toilet < Economy type >

Dog toilet where dogs can be pee before entering dog run. There is charcoal beneath the white boulders to consider the deodorant effect.


Photography board

Fuji is speaking of Shizuoka. You can take photos as if your dog is on the top of Mt. Fuji.


Toy box warehouse

There is a warehouse in the dog run in Shizuoka, where there are toys for dogs to play. You can also do dog agility by putting out a tunnel.


Soccer goal

You can play with a dog with a soccer ball.


Shower and poop box


If you play a lot in the dog run, there is a dog shower and a dog-only trash box for dogs at the end, so you can come home cleanly.


Up line

A dog run of 371㎡ has been added to the free space and small dog area!


Like the down line, there are trash cans for pets, foot washing areas, toilets for pets, and sanitary facilities for dogs. Agility is calm in color according to the appearance of the building on the up line. Foot washing area × 1, Pet-only trash can × 1, Pet-only toilet × 1, Appearance signboard, log crossing, dog run sign Various appearances are designed based on the colors of Shizuoka city flower hollyhock and city tree dogwood. The up line is a quiet and calm dog run surrounded by the surrounding mountains as well as the down line.


Photography board

The signboard on the up line is a Tomei patrol squadron, with the owner appearing on the face of the patrol squad and the image of a dog driving. I think it’s a bit embarrassing, but I hope it will make a little memory.


Log beam

Since it is set at a low height, if you guide with a hood or toy, you can clear even the first dog.


There is also a space for small dogs so you can use it with confidence. Just like the down line, there is a dog shower and a dog-only trash dog can inside the dog run, so you can come home clean. There is Tsukiyama in front of the facility, and play equipment is also arranged, so it is a refreshing feeling of driving fatigue.