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Sekisui House・Dear One PECOS Odaiba showroom

Pet City PECOS Odaiba is the largest pet store in the Tokyo metropolitan area on the first floor of Venus Fort in Odaiba Palette Town, Tokyo. Sekisui House Co., Ltd. is operated at the booth in it-a new type of antenna shop "DearOne" that proposes a future home for pets and humans A reed hook and a dog shower are on display.


Sekisui House DearOne PECOS Odaiba shop is like this, you can drop in casually at any time and you can respond to the kind staff.


We are doing exhibitions and events related to houses that live with various pets, and it is a strong ally of those who are thinking about pet symbiotic houses.

Here you can see our new dog shower products.
The brick arch has a cute retro style design.
The price is lower and the cost is lower than the conventional dog shower.


In addition, various types of wall-mounted lead hooks have been installed as an essential item for symbiotic housing with dogs.
You can actually use it instead of just lining it up.


Showroom where you can see these products anytime. Please go to “DearOne” Pecos Odaiba store.