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Metropolitan Expressway Kawaguchi PA Dog Friendly Area

A lead hook pole and a poop box were installed in the dog-friendly area of the Kawaguchi Parking Area, which opened on April 27, 2012.

About Dog friendly area

A dog-friendly area has opened on a part of the cafe terrace in the Kawaguchi parking area.
The dog-friendly area is where you can take a break together when you go out with your doggy.
A blue sign called “Doggy OK” is installed, so it is easy to understand


Lead hook pole
Poop box

Two lead hooks were installed.
Please note that this lead hook pole is for dogs weighing up to 20 kg.

The pouch box has a double lid, and a special structure that opens the inner lid when the opening door is raised prevents the internal odor from leaking out.

When you come to the Kawaguchi parking area with your doggy, please drop in to the dog friendly area ♪

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