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NTP Nagoya Toyopet Honjigahara Store Dog Area

NTP Nagoya Toyopet Honjigahara store in Owariasahi City, Aichi Prefecture has installed many of our products.



About NTP Nagoya Toyopet Honjigahara

In conjunction with the renewal of the showroom, a “dog area” has opened, where you can visit with your dog. This “dog area” is said to be the first attempt by Nagoya Toyopet.
On the west side of the store, there is a wooden deck and a lawn space of about 50 square meters, and we have delivered a dog-only drinking water, a dog shower, a lead hook pole, and a dog bench.


Dog shower

Earth-friendly wood recycled from waste wood and waste plastic.
The footprint of the dog is treated as a cute accent on the surface of the water receiving pan.


Dog drinking water

This is a dog-only drinking water with three colored mosaic tiles. The water tray is made of stainless steel and the water is drained naturally. Designed, sanitary and easy to manage.


Dog cage
There is also a business negotiation booth with a cage for dogs in the store, providing an environment where pet dogs can easily visit. Toyopet also has events with dogs called “Dog Circle” and dog-friendly cars.


Please drop in when you come near ♪
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