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On December 5, 2011, Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. installed a dog flush toilet (pee pole) and a lead hook land bag at the adult Tsutaya Daikanyama T-SITE, which opened in Daikanyama, Tokyo. Was. Now, our dog products are installed in the hottest and coolest topical facility, and all the staff are delighted.


~ What is Daikanyama T-SITE ~

Culture Convenience Club (hereinafter, CCC), which operates TSUTAYA and T-Card, will create a new communication space in Daikanyama, Tokyo. On a green site, you will be able to enjoy “adult culture”, with TSUTAYA, which overturns the traditional image, and tenants who propose a lifestyle


Lead hooks are installed throughout the site. Pass by the building of the TSUTAYA bookstore and go down the street where fashionable shops are lined up. In front of the animal hospital and the trimming building, there is a small cute dog run and a large object, and beside it, a flush function There is a dog toilet with a pee pole attached. Please stop by the fashionable adult T-SITE when you visit Daikanyama.

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