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A ramp, rubber chip pavement, and wood chips were installed on a dog run in Nasu Garden Outlet in Nasu-Shiobara, Tochigi Prefecture.


About Nasu Garden Outlet

An outlet mall opened in July 2012 in the Nasushiobara area of Tochigi Prefecture. The DOG GARDEN RESORT Nasu is fully equipped with a spacious dog run of 300 tsubo. You can eat while slowly watching the dog running around. The DOG DEPT SHOP in the mall has casual wear and other items. A spot where you can spend your day with your dog.


Rubber chip pavement

Rubber tip uses “CRC color shock absorbing pavement material” and is less slippery and safer than conventional rubber tip pavement. In addition, it is safe because it does not contain mineral oil and emits no odors or harmful volatiles even in high temperatures in summer.


Wood chips

It is a safe chip that uses only natural tree of cypress from Tokyo and does not contain impurities such as drugs, nails and garbage. The chip is cut to a size of 10 to 40 mm. This results in a wood chip that is gentle on the doggy’s feet without sharp or elongated tips. Wood chips have a deodorant and sanitizing effect and absorb and treat doggy pee. In addition, since it has a strong deodorizing and anti-mold effect, it does not attract fleas and ticks, which are the dominant enemy of dogs, and suppresses the growth of mold.


< Agility > A lamp

Agility is an obstacle competition where dogs and their owners work together. This A lamp has the original color of DOG DEPT, and its height is set lower than normal agility so that even first-time users can enjoy it.


○ Use time: 10: 00-20: 00  
* Dog run fee   
・ One 1,000 yen
・ Over tow 500 yen per one

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